Kopack Laptop Backpack


The Kopack Laptop Backpack is perfect for both short and long commutes. This waterproof anti-theft backpack comes with a hidden zipper. Besides the safety and security features, the anti-theft backpack also features luggage straps, weight balance, and USB charging port. Check website for updated price.


Kopack Laptop Backpack will keep your products safe when you travel in a unfamiliar or crowed place. Never again will you stress about your documents or electronics getting wet, stolen, or broken.


    Anti-theft 】 No zippers/pockets could will be found at the front of bag pack. The zipper is fully hidden which protects your wallet/ 15 inch laptop/smart phone/others inside backpack away from thief.
    Water proof & ABS base】 Made of water resistant/anti-scratch durable fabric. A built-in rain cover kept at the bottom slot keeps your things dry from the rain.
    Built in USB Port】 External USB Port with built in cable(Not changeable) is convenient to charge smart phone/tablet without opening up the backpack and take out your power bank(Power Bank is NOT included)
    Reflective Stripe】 Travel backpack with two Reflective Stripe on the front of the bag which makes you noticeable when cycling at night.
    TSA friendly】 Flat open professional back pack with multiple compartments can store clothes, laptop, tablet, and more. Pass Scan point directly. Shock proof inner container provides protection from accidental impact damage.